Evergreen  , 24"W x 36"H, Mylar, Enamel, Fluorescent Light, February 2015
   Where There is Smoke,   36"W x 24"H, Archival Digital Print, December 2014
   Eve,   12'W x 12'L, Video 2:00 min loop, CRT monitors, Kettle, Steel Pot, Audio, Archival Print on Fabric, October 2013
   Terrestrial Discourse,   Video/Audio 20:00 min. loop, LCD monitor, Podium, Sound System, October 2012
   The Creator Does Not Answer   (from Star Trek the Motion Picture), 10' W x 15"L x 12"H, Video 5:00 min loop, LCD Monitor, Digital Projectors, Artificial Ginkgo Tree, Microphones, Sound System, Carpet, May 2011
   The Globe  , 20"H x 26"W, Watercolor on Paper, December 2010
   Get Out You Curr!  , 72"W x 40"H, Oil on Canvas, January 2009